Poverty and Spiritual Backwardness

Un articol în care se corelează sărăcia materială cu cea spirituală. Recomand!

Chinese Church Voices

In addition to church leaders and ordinary Christians using online forums to discuss matters of faith, academics are joining the conversation as well. On his blog, Professor Liu Peng recently wrote about the relationship between poverty and “spiritual backwardness,” which refers to a spiritual void, or lack of spiritual beliefs. Writing from the perspective of sociology, Professor Peng argues that the most serious type of poverty in China is the “poverty of faith,” and unless that is addressed the problem of material poverty cannot be solved.

And while the terminology used, such as spiritual and cultural “backwardness” may be jarring to the western reader, it is an acceptable part of Chinese discourse.

The post is translated in full below.

Miao flute festivalSpiritual Backwardness is the Root of Poverty

Wealth and resources that flow from a fixed ethical framework do not transform ‪rural communities; rather a community is transformed through religious belief and…

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